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Goodwill Industries of Arkansas Partners with Viral Internet Duo Toasters ‘N’ Moose on New Song and Music Video “Take Me Thriftin’”

Live Appearance at Little Rock Goodwill to Debut the National Release of Song and Music Video

Goodwill Industries of Arkansas (GIA) has partnered with viral internet duo Toasters ‘N’ Moose, of “Taste the Biscuit” video fame, to write and record their new song and music video, “Take Me Thriftin’”. In support of the national release, they will appear live on Saturday, June 1 at 2 p.m. at the Goodwill store at 109 Markham Park Drive in Little Rock, Arkansas. The music video and full mockumentary, all shot in Arkansas, will also premiere at the event.

Toasters (Estelle Piper) ‘N’ Moose (Tom Shaw), a fictional 70’s pop duo, exploded on the internet with the performance of the song, “Taste the Biscuit” from the 2010 mockumentary, “Chicken in the Shadows”, written and produced by Vincent Gargiulo. A resurgence of the song in October 2022 resulted in “Taste the Biscuit” racking up tens-of-millions of views, shares and endless remixes making them one of the most popular social media darlings in history. The song was filmed in a now-closed California thrift store prompting thousands of comments from fans suggesting it was filmed in a Goodwill location or that they should do a tour of Goodwill stores across the nation.


“The first time I saw ‘Taste the Biscuit’ on the internet, I thought they were in a Goodwill store, as most everyone else thought too,” explained GIA’s senior vice president of development, Shannon Boshears. “I had always imagined them doing a pop-up concert at one of our Goodwill retail locations just for a fun event.”


But the idea finally came to fruition when Boshears reached out to Toasters ‘N’ Moose to gauge their interest.


“Not only did they love the idea, but they were surprised they had never been asked before now,” she added. “Within two weeks, the song was written, recorded and the tour was booked.”

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Who are Toasters 'N' Moose?

Toasters 'N' Moose are a fictional 70's pop duo created for the 2010 feature film mockumentary, "Chicken In The Shadows," written and produced by Vincent Gargiulo. Estelle Piper and Tom Shaw were two actors cast to play quirky songs and sent on an endless quest of odd gigs booked by their manager. 

From the movie, the song, "Taste the Biscuit" exploded the internet. Then again, in Oct. 2022 has a resurgence resulting in "Taste the Biscuit" racking up tens of millions of views, shares and endless remixes making them one of the most popular social media darlings in history. 



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