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Avery graduates from multiple programs

20 years ago, I never would have seen me . . . doing anything productive with my life . . . I was so involved in the streets. 

—Avery Jennings
Transitional Employment Opportunity Graduate
Excel Center Graduate
College Student

Individuals interested in enrolling in this program should complete our interest form.

Contact us at 877-372-5151 or to make an appointment with one of our reentry program specialists.


Goodwill provides services to individuals who are reentering the workforce and community after a period of incarceration. Our staff understands the challenges and offers a supportive environment. The reentry program provides assistance in:

  • Building a resume.

  • Obtaining community support services.

  • Gaining job readiness skills.

  • Acquiring Career Readiness Certification.

  • Obtaining interview skills.

  • Receiving job search assistance and job leads.

Transitional Employment Opportunity (TEO)

TEO participants can gain marketable skills and develop positive work behaviors to help prepare for competitive employment. The TEO program offers:

  • 16-week paid job training program.

  • Employability assessment.

  • Barrier assessment and removal strategies.

  • Soft skills training.

  • Career planning and job search assistance.

  • Resume and letter of explanation development.

  • Referral services to community resources and programs.

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