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Goodwill Industries of Arkansas is a is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We help people with disabilities and other disadvantages reach their highest potential through training, education and employment services. "Donate, Shop, Change a Life!" is more than just a tagline - it’s how we have been operating for over 85 years.

Our programs and services offer a hand up, not a hand out. Sometimes that hand up is resume development or job placement assistance. Other times, the hand up comes in the form of education or training programs.

The number of transformed lives is more than just glowing statistics; they are actual stories of people who turned their lives around and discovered their potential. Get to know a few of the lives that have been touched by Goodwill.

When you support Goodwill by donating to or shopping at stores in your neighborhood, you support our mission and make a lasting impact in your community by changing lives.

What's New

  • Goodwill in need of donations

    Donations are down due to recent winter storms and icy weather.

    LITTLE ROCK, ARK. – Goodwill Industries of Arkansas needs your donations now more than ever. Recent winter storms and icy conditions have negatively affected the amount of donations Goodwill receives, statewide. Donations are the organization’s lifeblood - they fund training, education and employment services programs. In fact, 96 percent of Goodwill’s budget comes from the sale of donated goods.

    “We rely on the generosity of Arkansans to fund our mission of building lives, families and communities through the power of work,” said Goodwill’s President and CEO, Brian Itzkowitz.
    “Every donation truly makes a difference in the life of someone needing a hand up, not a hand out.”

    The revenue from donated goods create jobs, career-readiness services and training programs that help people with disabilities and other barriers achieve their highest potential. Last year, Goodwill served 12,300 people and placed close to 3,000 people into competitive employment.

    Goodwill has 39 locations statewide that gladly accept donations seven days a week. Simply clean out your closet or garage, load the items and take them to your local Goodwill. Tax receipts available upon request. FIND A LOCATION NEAR YOU.

  • Goodwill’s Brian Itzkowitz named to Secretary of Labor National Advisory Committee

    Panel Advises Secretary of Labor on Issues Affecting Workers with Disabilities

    ROCKVILLE, MD — President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Arkansas (Little Rock) Brian Itzkowitz has been named to serve on the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) Advisory Committee on Increasing Competitive Integrated Employment for Individuals with Disabilities. The committee is a key component of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, which was signed into law by President Obama in July 2014 to help job seekers — including those with disabilities — access necessary services to advance their careers.

    “I am honored and excited to be a part of this advisory committee,” said Itzkowitz. “As a longtime member of the Goodwill® family, I understand the power of work to build strong families and better communities.”

    The advisory committee, which consists of both federal officials and private citizens, provides guidance to the Secretary of Labor on ways to increase employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. It also advises the Secretary on the use and oversight of the certificate program carried out under section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act for the employment of individuals with disabilities. Itzkowitz’s term on the advisory committee began in January 2015, and the panel will end following the submission of a final report of its findings, conclusions and recommendations.

    “Being a member of the committee will help me to further assist the approximately 80 percent of people with disabilities who don’t participate in the labor force,” said Itzkowitz. “I hope that the final recommendations of this committee will result in sound policies that will create more opportunities.”

    Itzkowitz has served Goodwill for nearly 20 years, having worked in positions in southwest Florida and Baltimore before taking his current leadership role in Arkansas in 2008. In addition to serving as the vice chair of Goodwill Industries International’s board of directors, Itzkowitz is active in several professional and community service organizations in Little Rock, and he was honored as the 2013 Arkansas Business Nonprofit Executive of the Year.

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