The Excel Center staff are making preparations for students to have an option to return to on-site instruction in the school when Term 2 begins on September 14, 2020. We will also continue to offer students the option to complete their coursework remotely, supported by instructors and life coaches like their peers who are choosing to participate in onsite learning.  


After reviewing the descriptions of the information outlined in the Blended & Online Learning Options document, current and prospective students will be asked to respond to a brief survey to indicate which learning option is going to be the best fit for them for Term 2 in 2020.  

All students who wish to enroll for classes at The Excel Center for Term 2 beginning Sept. 14  must complete this survey by Friday, September 4th, 2020. 


It is very important that each student consider which option will help them be most successful in their learning as students will only be permitted to change this selection if extenuating circumstances require it after the start of term.  


Students who have additional questions regarding the learning options for Term 2 should contact The Excel Center at



Click here to view a short video about what to expect when you enter the Excel Center if you attend classes on-site or visit the building for any reason. 

Greg Wertenberger | School Director

The Excel Center | Goodwill Industries of Arkansas


The Excel Center® at Goodwill is the first adult high school in Arkansas. It provides students ages 19 and over a second chance to earn a high school diploma. The school is tuition-free to its students, with flexible and accelerated class schedules to meet the needs of working and busy adults. The school also partners with our Trade School, so students may earn industry-recognized credentials concurrently as they earn their high school diplomas. 


The Excel Center focuses on the student’s education and what comes after graduation. Relationships with life coaches and instructors; rigor in completing credits with our accelerated curriculum; facilitated coursework and extended class periods; and relevance through hands-on work experiences set our students on a positive path for a successful future.

  • Schedules are year-round with eight-week terms to help students earn their diplomas faster.

  • Full-time and part-time students accepted. 

  • Morning and afternoon class schedules are offered Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

  • Fridays are available for extra tutoring and support.


Child Care

In the Drop In Center we provide a safe, fun, developmentally appropriate environment full of tender love and care for the children we serve. We do our due diligence to provide comfort and peace to parents while their children are in our care. We meet each child at their level to help them gain new heights alongside their parents by facilitating new experiences and teaching strategies. The Drop In Center uses a guided academic curriculum that will include developmentally appropriate activities. The activities and daily schedules are posted and will be distributed to parents and guardians regularly. We look forward to working with you to set our excellent children up for a successful future.


There is free transportation assistance available, if needed.


Highly qualified instructors facilitate learning in language arts, mathematics, social studies and science.

Life Coaches

Every student is assigned a life coach. Life coaches help students overcome life-barriers and personal issues. Coaches keep students engaged and help navigate career or college preparation plans.


ELIGIBILITY Students must be at least 19 years of age. Students must live in Arkansas to apply. ENROLLMENT PROCESS Excel Student Pre-Enrollment Application Attend iExcel Student Orientation Take the iReady Assessment Complete application and provide high school transcript Attend the first day of school NEXT STEPS 501-372-5100 or email Excel@GoodwillAR.org to begin the enrollment process.


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Ask for The Excel Center. Phone: 501-372-5100
Toll-Free: 877-372-5151
Email: Excel@GoodwillAR.org


The Excel Center is committed to a policy prohibiting discriminatory practices in all aspects of its policies, programs, practices and operations. All applicants and students shall be treated equally without regard to race, age, color, religion, gender or expression of gender identity, national origin, political affiliation, disability, matriculation, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, familial status, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy, childbirth, genetic background or any other legally protected characteristic.


The Excel Center provides adults the opportunity and support to earn a high school diploma while developing career paths that offer greater employment and growth opportunities. Our school “meets students where they are” in their education by providing a flexible structure and supportive relationships to help students manage work, life and family as they achieve their educational goals.


Thousands of individuals drop out of high school each year, impacting their career potential as employers seek workers with higher skills and specialization. As part of our commitment to enhance career potential and access to high-growth jobs for high school dropouts, The Excel Center offers effective ways to provide adult high school students accelerated learning, opportunities for post-secondary education and individualized career planning.


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