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When you donate your computer(s), we wipe the hard drives cleaner than clean.

Your donated electronics will make their way into Goodwill stores, to the online Goodwill auction site or to the computer store. The computer store, part of the outlet center at 7400 Scott Hamilton Drive, offers laptops, computers, gaming systems, printers, monitors, phones, cameras and other gently used electronics at affordable prices. 

Donating Electronics

Think about the last time you upgraded your cell phone or computer or threw out a printer or a camera because you purchased a new one. Sometimes these items are broken or no longer useful, but the vast majority are still in good working order. Give your gently used electronics a chance for a new life in someone else’s hands. Donating your unneeded electronic items can make it possible for a child who would not otherwise be able, to do their homework online or teach themselves coding, or it could help an adult in need get their first cell phone.

 Donate, Shop, Change a Life!® 
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