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Transitional Employment

Ensuring successful community re-entry

Goodwill Industries of Arkansas is committed to providing services to individuals who are returning to our community from a period of incarceration. Our staff understands the challenges faced when re-entering the workforce after incarceration and the skills needed to overcome them.

Goodwill’s Transitional Employment Opportunity (TEO) program offers job readiness training and job placement services for people after incarceration to help you find work, launch careers and rebuild your life.

Through the TEO program, Goodwill offers an environment that supports individuals who are at least 18 years old with non-violent and non-sexual criminal offenses who want to reintegrate into their communities and make positive contributions.

How the program works

  • TEO participants are employed at Goodwill’s donation processing center where you will acquire marketable skills processing donated textiles and computers and working on sub-industrial contracts from local businesses.
  • Beyond building a resume and developing positive work behaviors, participants earn a weekly paycheck.
  • Once considered job ready (no more than 16 weeks), a team of career specialists help them to search for competitive employment in the community.

Program Benefits

  • 16-week job training program
  • Employability assessment
  • Barrier assessment and barrier removal strategies
  • Occupational training
  • Career planning and job search assistance
  • Resume development
  • Referral services to other resources and programs
  • Basic education services (literacy, High School Equivalent Certificate, Arkansas Career Readiness Certificate)

Application Process and Program Availability

If you are interested in enrolling in the TEO program or would like additional information, please contact the TEO coordinator in your area. The TEO program is currently offered in Central Arkansas – 501-372-5100 and Northwest Arkansas – 479-927-0114.

Slots are limited and individuals must meet eligibility requirements to be considered for program. Contact Goodwill for full list of eligibility, program requirements, and placement availability.

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