So, When Is Christmas?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

It’s a discussion that’s been had for ... well, not too long. It’s been a gradual progression so you might not have noticed that the Christmas season now beginsIN OCTOBER?

But what happened to Thanksgiving?

Stores barely got the candy and costumes off the shelves before the tinsel and twinkling lights, wreaths and wrapping paper hit the isles. And you’ve probably seen itfriends sharing photos all over social media of their trees, wreaths and ribbon.

Is this a holiday blunder of Clark Griswald proportions? Not necessarily. Personally, we totally see both sides. On one hand, what happened to Thanksgiving? Shouldn’t we be thankful before we start making our Christmas wish lists? On the other hand, the Christmas season evokes such happiness, peacefulness and joy, why should we limit it to 30 days? Not to mention all the work it took to put up enough decorations to be worthy of a stop on a Lampoon Vacation.

As an experiment, we walked around Goodwill’s headquarters in Little Rock to see how widely opinions vary. We were a little surprised at the number of “After Thanksgiving” votes, but a lot of them weren’t afraid to throw out there that “My daughter/husband/mom already has decorations on display” and “My mom has five trees.” We’re fairly confident your circle of friends and family are just as divided.


Of all the divisive issues these days, there is something magically “Christmassy” about this one. You see, everyone disagreedwith a smile and a warm heart. Whether your holiday season started last week or two weeks from now, Goodwill hopes it is filled with joy and happiness.


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