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New Goodwill Resource Center Coming to Northwest Arkansas, but What Is a GRC?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Exciting things are coming to Northwest Arkansas. On November 1, Goodwill Industries of Arkansas will open its second Goodwill Resource Center (GRC) in Rogers. The other GRC is located in Little Rock on Scott Hamilton Drive.

goodwill building

But what is a GRC? Many passing down Interstate 30 in Little Rock see a large building sitting off behind the trees. Maybe it’s a warehouse? Maybe it’s executive offices? Maybe it’s a distribution center? In actuality, it’s all of thoseand so much more. Tucked inside the hallways and behind the loading docks, amazing things happen. Many are surprised. They’ve passed by the building in Little Rock many times, never knowing all that’s happening behind the concrete exterior. Through the winding hallways, you’ll literally see lives changing in many ways:

  • A classroom where Arkansans with physical and/or intellectual disabilities are learning job skills and independence.

  • Another classroom filled with people working to get professional certifications in order to land a great job or get that promotion they’ve been wanting.

  • An office where staff are helping people search job listings, prepare resumes and get ready for interviews.

  • An entire high school unlike any other in the state, created especially for adults who want to earn their high school diplomas. The Excel Center® at Goodwill even has a free drop-in daycare.

Then, the fun! Nestled around the corner of the building, you walk through a separate door that leads to a shopping experience like no otherTHE OUTLET! This is where the serious thrifters come and where some of the most amazing deals are to be had–bin-after-bin of toys, clothing and household items sold by the pound.

Off a short hallway at the front of the store–a hidden gem. Wall-to-wall electronics at the Computer Store. Computers, laptops, tablets, gaming systems and more are sold for pennies on the dollar.

Yes, it’s a big building–making a big difference. Hundreds of people working for a common causeto change livessome recently coming out of incarceration. Goodwill offers several reentry programs, helping Arkansans with criminal backgrounds get back on their feet and receive the training they need to get a job. Unless you look closely at their name badge, you can’t tell who is in our reentry program and who is not. We like it that way. Herewe’re all about opportunities and second chances, and we’re a family.

Sound like an amazing place? It is! And a similar Goodwill Resource Center is coming to Northwest Arkansas. The new GRC will be located at 1301 North Dixieland Road in Rogers. Like in Little Rock, it will host reentry programs, a training academy, career centerand AN OUTLET! Get ready Northwest Arkansas


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