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The Art of Thrifting

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

[By Reagan Mack | Model & Author |]

 Reagan Mack, Model & Author

This world is constantly changing, and so far in 2020, most people seem to becoming increasingly aware of this fact. With our eyes now open wide, we are able to more clearly depict how we ourselves affect the world and, even more so, those around us. With this in mind, and National Thrift Shop Day this week, now is the time to push thrifting past the “trendy” phase where it has been holding strong the past few years, and firmly place it into the classification of making sustainable shopping a “classic.”

According to the previous year’s annual report, Goodwill, specifically, was able to keep more than 300 million pounds of usable goods out of Arkansas landfills. This is an incredible achievement as it lifts a portion of the environment’s burden, while also allowing these goods to go to individuals who might not be able to get them any other way. Along with this, it allows for everyday people to become stylists in their own right on any budget!

Picking through the racks of any thrifting location can be tricky, but with the right mindset, its completely possible to find the hidden gems. Treat it as if it’s an adventure because shopping is supposed to be fun! And never hesitate to take an item home with alterations in mind. I’ve found, from my many journeys through the aisles, that I want to learn new skills like sewing because of my interest in being able to customize my own items. Although thankfully, YouTube is loaded with no-sew tutorials that suit my current skillset!

Personally, I have been thrifting for most of my life. It used to be out of necessity; however, now I see this avenue of shopping in a much different light. Thrifting is good for the environment, while also being just as pleasing for the soul. I find that when I thrift, I tend to also look at my closet from a much more honest perspective of what I will actually wear, which pushes me to donate more of my unused clothing. Along with this, I also feel that it tends to fill my creativity meter. I can sit and style clothes for hours without even feeling a minute pass. They say time flies when you’re having fun, and with this in mind, it seems like I have too much fun when fashion is my focus! There are so many possibilities when you enter the doors of a thrift store, but it’s when you leave that you see the immediate effects. Less clutter, fresh threads and a boost in your overall morale.

If you’ve ever considered going into a thrift store, or possibly had somewhat of a blank experience in the past, now is the time to try again. Start with an open mind, allow room for a little inspiration, but through it all let yourself follow what you naturally are attracted to. You might end up surprised where your own mind will take you!

This life is too short to wear the same clothes on a loop. Give yourself a chance to try something new and don’t forget to save the world a little as you go!

Make every day National Thrift Shop Day!

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