Jamie Holladay—The TEO program actually saved my life.

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Jamie’s long battle with drug addiction began shortly after her family moved to Arkansas from St. Louis. At 16, she gave birth to her first child and remained sober for a while, but a day after his first birthday, she says she began what would be a “20-year run.” During that time, she had two more children and eventually was arrested.

A few months into her prison sentence, Jamie knew she had life changes to make. She promised herself she would never be behind bars again. After her release, though, Jamie had a tough time finding a job. She turned to Goodwill’s TEO program.

As Jamie began to change, great things began to happen. Two weeks before graduation, she got a leadCandlewood Suites in Jonesboro was hiring! She was hired on the spot and later promoted as the hotel’s general manager. Jamie has also maintained her sobriety and reunited with her three children and parents.

“The TEO program actually saved my life. I came out of prison, and I was on fire to do better, but at first I just wasn’t getting the opportunities. And here comes this program at Goodwill. It ended up changing my life.” – Jamie


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