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Working with Laptop


Goodwill has teamed up with Indeed to provide computers, laptops, and hot spots to those in search of employment or career advancement.  Devices are not guaranteed. Hot spots will last for one year. 



1. You must be at least 18 years old and currently unemployed or seeking to advance your career, through a Goodwill program/service:



If you are taking classes, for professional development, but will be maintaining the same employment, then you do not qualify for a device.

2. You must provide a photo ID. 

3. You must provide proof of current enrollment in an income-based government assistance program OR documentation from a government source of current income under 200% of the federal poverty level (relative to household size).

You will only need to provide one of these items:

  • Adult & child mental health case management.

  • Employment services (only if income-based in your state).

  • Extended foster care.

  • Food support — A dated letter showing current eligibility is required.

  • Financial assistance, such as GA, TANF, etc. A dated letter showing current eligibility is required.

  • Head Start.

  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

  • Medicaid or Medical Assistance — An acceptable document should state "MA" or "Medical Assistance".

  • Option 9.

  • The National School Lunch Program's Free or Reduced Lunch Program.

  • Section 8, Federal Public Housing Assistance, or Group Residential Housing (GRH).

  • Social Security Disability (SSD).

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

  • Federal Pell Grant.

  • The prior year's state, federal or tribal tax return.

  • A Social Security statement of benefits.

  • A Veteran Administration statement of benefits — VA cards alone are not accepted.

  • A retirement/pension statement of benefits.

  • An Unemployment/Workmen's Compensation statement of benefits.

  • Federal or tribal notice letter of participation in General Assistance.


Once you have completed the steps above, you may proceed with the next steps:

  1. Access Goodwill's Indeed landing page and create an account.

  2. Upload your resume. You will not receive a notification, regarding PC for People from Indeed, but they will verify that your resume has been uploaded. If you already have an Indeed account, you will still need to log in at this link, and ensure your resume is uploaded.

  3. Fill out Goodwill's PC for People form. Once the form is submitted, it will take up to two days for documents to be verified. You will receive a phone call to confirm your eligibility.

  4. If eligible, instructions will be provided for computer pick-up. 


Need assistance? Contact us at:

Phone: 501-372-5100 x1250 | Toll-Free: 877-372-5151 x1250 | Email:  


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