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Goodwill Myth Busters

We know that you want your donations to be used wisely. Below please find some myths and facts about Goodwill.

Myth #1: Goodwill is a for-profit company.

Myth #2: Goodwill pays its CEO millions of dollars.

Myth #3: Goodwill is run by an international company.

Myth #4: Goodwill pays people with disabilities pennies per hour.

Myth #5: All the donated items are sold to Goodwill employees first. 

The truth: Goodwill has a strict policy against employees purchasing items before they reach the sales floor. There is a waiting period for employees to purchase any donated items. Additionally, Goodwill employees are not allowed to purchase Color of the Week items, ensuring the best deals are available for our customers.

Myth #6: Goodwill is just a thrift store. 

Myth #7: Un-purchased donated goods are sent to landfills or third-world countries.

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