Goodwill offers education, training and employment to persons with disabilities. From competitive supported employment to short term, work-ready programs, are designed to meet the needs of individuals at various stages of life and with diverse occupational goals. 


  • Facility and community based training services occur Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

  • Community Integrated Employment supports occur as necessary contingent upon the needs of the person served.


  • Soft skills and character building

  • Identifying interests, skills and learning styles

  • Mechanics of social interaction

  • Understanding work culture

  • Conflict resolution

  • Adapting alternate choices for behaviors

  • Self-advocacy and accessing community resources

  • Self and time management skills

  • Job search activities

  • Interview preparation

  • Work-based learning experiences

  • Financial literacy


PREP | Pre-Readiness Employment Program 

Senior high school students are able to participate in school and community-based services related to pre-employment transition services. This consists of job exploration, assessment, skill development, training and instruction in self-advocacy.

Employment First

Staff will collaborate with and assess participants to create an individualized employment plan, establish case management and support services. This is a time-limited, intensive training program, which assist individuals in developing or reestablishing skills, attitudes, interpersonal skills, work behaviors, and functional capacities to help them move toward in life and/or achieve employment.


for individuals with Autism

Vocational training and job placement will allow individuals with Autism the opportunity to identify their strengths, learn new skills, and prepare to be productive in the workforce and/or in their communities.

DREAMS | Deaf Readiness to Employment and Achieving Maximum Success

for individuals that are Deaf

Services are provided in American Sign Language with a strong emphasis on Deaf culture. Participants have defined vocational goals and work with staff to monitor progress toward goals through the creation of individualized employment plans. Goodwill develops individual skills using research-based curricula, assessment tools, project management and workplace activities.

Supported Employment

This is paid work in a community-integrated work setting. It provides on-going support services for persons with significant disabilities and for whom competitive employment has not traditionally been successful.

Direct Placement Services

Placement directly into competitive employment for qualified clients that require a minimal level of support.


Job seekers with a documented disability are eligible. Individuals are referred through state agencies, including:

Arkansas Rehabilitation Services

Division of Services for the Blind

DHS Division of Developmental Disability Services


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Changing lives through education, training and employment.

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