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This course reviews the dynamics and safety of the trade. It introduces students to the plumbing profession and career opportunities awaiting well-trained plumbers. Students will learn the tools of the plumbing trade, such as hand and power tools regularly used for plumbing. They will learn basic plumbing math, such as whole numbers, fractions, and decimals, and use that knowledge to determine and recognize which type of math is needed for specific jobs. Students will learn to recognize and use plastic pipe and fittings, copper tube and fittings, steel pipe and fittings, and cast-iron pipe and fittings. They will gain a basic understanding of drain, waste and vent systems. They will be able to describe how plumbers connect these components and other essential topics needed to become professional plumbers.


Course Materials

All course materials are provided for you for this course.

Total Hours

142 hours of Core training.

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