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Image of a Crowd at Goodwill's Arkansas Outlet Center

Visit Goodwill's Outlet Center. This is the first store of its kind in Arkansas. Goods are sold at $1.39 per pound.

Mon - Sat 9am - 8pm | Sun 10am - 6pm

7400 Scott Hamilton Road, Little Rock, AR

In Goodwill’s continuous effort to impact our “Triple Bottom Line” of People, Prosperity, and Planet, our new outlet center will provide one more step for merchandise to be sold, by the pound, and kept out of the landfill, as we move closer to become a zero waste organization. The outlet center maximizes the communities’ donations and provides jobs. In addition to the new Outlet Center, the Goodwill Resource Center will house expanded e-waste recycling solutions, an operations center (including transportation, repurposing, and recycling) and repurpose programs.

Goodwill has played a critical role in the state’s economic development by creating jobs, revitalizing vacant buildings and opening career service centers that teach individuals how to compete in today’s challenging job market, without costing them anything. Your donations truly make a difference. For more information about what and how to donate, visit Donate, Shop, Change a Life!

For additional information, call 501-372-5100.