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Cleaning Out, Moving Out - Click for More

Cleaning Out, Moving Out - Click for More

This is the stage of the summer when I realize all the clothes and random things I’ve purchased won’t fit in my college closet. I start questioning every purchase I’ve made before I realize what I must do. I know I need to get rid of something, but what? If you’re in a similar pickle, we can work together to try to get rid of some of the unnecessary things. Bring the clothes you don’t wear to any Goodwill location in Arkansas, and your unnecessary clothes will help Arkansans get very necessary jobs.

The first item to nix from your wardrobe is the “it might be a good Halloween costume someday” piece. You may have a few things that are a just a little too wild to wear on an everyday basis. Although these items may in fact make good Halloween attire, you will most likely end up wearing a different costume this October while the piece continues to sit in your closet.

The “it hasn’t ever fit” piece is one of the worst closet culprits. You don’t need those size 7.5 shoes if you’re an 8. The store didn’t have had your size two years ago, and now you’re stuck with a pair of adorable heels that you will never wear without horrible pain.

My closet is full of examples of the “I wore this once and got a ton of compliments” piece. Yes, everyone else thought that quirky top was something special, but you never really liked it that much. Don’t keep any clothes that you don’t feel are actually representative of your own style. You’ll feel most confident in clothes that feel like you, so get rid of those cool but unwearable avant garde items.

We’ve all got plenty of fancy clothes in our closet that we have set aside to wear to weddings or events. But some of our clothes are just a little too dressy for any of the occasions we typically attend. The “I’ll wear it when I meet the queen” piece therefore sits in the back of our closet, waiting for its moment. Why do I still have my prom dress other than to motivate me to stay the size I was for prom? There is truly no other reason, and that dress could be perfect for someone else’s special day. Bring it to Goodwill!

Shopping peer pressure is a real problem plaguing society today. The “my friend convinced me to buy it” piece always sounds like a good idea at the time, but it’s that dress you’d never wear to work or those pants that really don’t look as good as your friend said. You never really wanted to own it in the first place, and now you feel inclined to keep it. Donate it to Goodwill, and that thing you really aren’t excited about at all will likely excite someone else.

It looked great in the dressing room. Those mirrors and special lighting convinced you that it was worth the struggle to get on. But because you can’t actually sit or even more in it, you never wear it. The “it’s too uncomfortable to wear” piece just sits in your closet, taunting you with its cuteness. But as cute as it is, it just doesn’t fit right, so it’s time to say goodbye.

The next type of clothing item is a little harder to give up. The “it was perfect for my old lifestyle” piece might be a piece you’ll see again someday, but most likely it’s an item of the past. Maybe you needed going out clothes in your college years, but now that you have a husband and kids you just can’t give it up. That glitter bodycon skirt probably still looks great on you, but you can’t exactly wear it for family game night. Pack up all your old stuff, bring it into Goodwill, and get ready to destroy everyone at Monopoly.

All jokes aside, there are plenty of items in your closet that aren’t being put to use. Give your clothes a new home, give your closet a new space, and give Arkansans a chance to change their lives. You didn’t need those excruciating stilettos anyway, I promise.

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