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No Sew Repurposing - click for more

No Sew Repurposing - click for more

I can’t express enough how much I love doing DIYs. My first fashion DIY was in the seventh grade when I glued a scrabble tile “K” to an otherwise plain ring. A week later a few of my classmates had followed suit, and it was there and then that I decided fashion crafts were the best crafts. Now I have graduated to actually being able to sew, but that doesn’t mean I always pull out my needle and thread. Sometimes the best DIYs come from the least work, so today I’m giving you all 10 no sew re-purposing ideas of clothes that you can find at your nearest Goodwill in Arkansas.

1. BOYFRIEND JEANS. I have fluctuated in size slightly throughout the years, so I have a couple pairs of jeans that are just a little too big for me. So, with a little DIY magic, I transformed my jeans that stay in the back of my closet to comfy boyfriend jeans. All I did was cut the pants into capris, roll up the cuffs, and added some distressing to the knees.

2. SKINNY SCARF. I have been seeing skinny black scarves all over Pinterest and Tumblr, and I just knew it would be cheaper to DIY my own than to go out and buy one. First, I started with a pair of pants I owned that I never wore that were in a fabric similar to the scarves I had been seeing online. Then I got to cutting, making sure to tape and measure out the section I wanted to cut out. Next, I folded the edges I had cut over to leave a clean lines for me to glue together. I glued the sides together to form the empty tube that became my scarf. This DIY looks great paired with off-the-shoulder blouses, and it only took me one Netflix show to complete.

3. BALENCIAGO CROP TOP. I have been seeing DIYs all over social media that attempt to emulate a specific Balenciaga crop top, and I can’t wait to try it out myself. All you need is a tank top (can pick up at Goodwill for a few dollars!) and scissors. Start by measuring a few inches below the bottom of your bra strap to cut out a cropped back. Then, cut the bottom of the back out, following the seams on the side (keep them on!). Flip the tank top back over to the front, and measure and mark the exact middle of the shirt. Next, cut from the top of the shirt down to the line you made. You are almost done, but the hardest part is tying up the ends. Wrap fabric to the opposite sides and tie the ends into a bow. For a clean look, tuck the edges of the fabric into your bra (pin them to the underside of your bra for added safety!).

4. BOW BACK TANK. For this DIY, all you need is a V-neck t-shirt from Goodwill, glue, and scissors. First, cut a half-circle 4 inches deep into the neckline in the back of your shirt. Measure 6 inches down from the armpit of the shirt, then cut straight across the back of the shirt between the marks (but be careful not the cut the seams!). Pinch the top half of the back of your shirt together with your thumb and forefinger to form the bow shape. With the extra fabric you already cut out, cut a 4x2 in strip of fabric, and wrap it around the bowtie-pasta shaped spot you had pinched. Place a piece of cardboard underneath the fabric (prevents glue from getting everywhere), then glue the strip you cut out to the inside of the shirt. You can choose the shirt as-is, or you can turn the shirt back over, cut the neck into a v and/or cut the sleeves off the shirt. If you cut off the sleeves to make a tank, you can use the extra fabric to cut strips to wrap around the tank top straps just like you did the bow.

5. STUDDED CUFFS. For this DIY, pick up a pair of jeans from Goodwill and some studs from Michaels. Jazz up an otherwise plain pair of jeans by cuffing the jeans then added studs to the cuff.

6. SCALLOPED SHORTS. For about $4, you can get a pair of Goodwill denim shorts or jeans. Grab a pair of scissors to DIY some scalloped hem shorts. Use a small lid and a pencil to sketch out a scalloped shape at the length of short you want. Cut out along the traced line, and your shorts are ready to go!

7. OFF-THE-SHOULDER TOP. Pick up a button-down shirt from Goodwill for only $3.50. Start off by buttoning up the buttons in the middle of your bust by your bra. Then, pull the shirt down on both shoulders, folding the collar into the inside of the shirt. Finally, tie up the bottom of your shirt and roll up your sleeves because you’ve got a brand new look.

8. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN HEELS. For this DIY, start with a pair of heels from Goodwill ($5-10), and clean the soles with some rubbing alcohol. Use some white nail polish and a brush (more efficient) to prime your shoes. Let that coat dry then start painting the shoes with red nail polish. This may take a few coats, but when its down you have great knock-off Louboutins in whatever shoe style you please (go for comfort, girl!).

9. DISCO COLLAR. For this next DIY, you need to pick up some old CDs and any shirt with a collar from Goodwill. Start off by boiling some water, then once it’s heated add CDs into the hot water for five mins. Next, wipe the CDs dry, cut them in half, and the CDs will split. Use the shiny side, and cut the side of the CD into small pieces. Arrange the CD pieces like a mosaic onto collar, and glue down the pieces to collar for a chic new look.

10. OPEN BACK SHIRT. We’re finally finishing off with an easy DIY. For this DIY, you can choose any shirt of your liking. Simply cut out the back of your shirt until you hit about 5-6 inches above the neckline. Then, fold over the frayed edges and glue them onto the inside of the shirt to hide where you made the cut.

Most Goodwill clothes cost under $5 and everyone owns a pair of scissors and superglue, so there is no reason to not try out these easy and fun DIYs. Be sure to tag us on social media (@GoodwillAR) with the hashtag #GoodwillARDIY. We look forward to seeing your take on one of these cute re-purposed pieces!

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