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In Case of Rain - click for more

In Case of Rain - click for more

Yesterday marked the first official day of summer, but let’s be real—it’s felt like summer as the past few weeks have left us showered by the humidity after a quick walk to our cars. Arkansas summer weather can be easily divided into two categories: rainy gloom and unbearably hot sunshine. Summer clothing trends lend themselves well to the scorching heat, but finding the perfect rainy day outfit is a more difficult feat.

The other day, I ventured to Goodwill Bryant to check out their selection of rainwear. Immediately when I walked in I spotted some black and white houndstooth rain boots that were featured in the front of the store. They looked like they were in perfect condition, but they were a steal at $15. While your local Goodwill not have these exact boots, you’ll likely be able to find a pair that suits your style and your shoe size.

Beyond the highly important essential of rain boots, a rainy day may find you in a number of style situations. However, at Goodwill you can find nearly all the pieces you need for under $5 per piece.

For a more classic rainy-day style, pair your rain boots with some lighter-weight pants to keep you cool in the heat. If you go for a white pant, make sure the material is thick enough to not turn transparent with the wet weather. This look works well with a loose, comfortable shirt and a lightweight scarf. I found the perfect summer scarf at the Bryant Goodwill for only a few dollars. The scarf I found was a bright cobalt color, decorated with an intricate pattern, and it would be the perfect pop of color to a dreary day look. With a good umbrella, this look is perfect for a day of thrift shopping (Be sure to check out the previous blogpost for thrifting tips!).

If you’re running errands around town and want to stay comfy and casual, opt for a rain jacket to cover your head as you run from store to store. Simply use some of your wardrobe basics to put together a simple but chic outfit. At Goodwill, I found a striped shirt for $3.50 and some jean shorts for under $5. Throw on some stylish sneakers like converse or keds, and you’re ready to head out the door (look out for the wardrobe essentials YOU need in Friday’s blogpost!).

Is the rainy day stunting your styling inspiration for a meeting with friends? Look your brunch best in a Goodwill trench coat like the one I found for only $12. Underneath, all you need is your favorite pair of jeans, favorite neutral top, and a bold statement necklace. Finish off your girly look with some chunky heels and a floppy hat that hides rainy day hair frizz.

Rainy days can also threaten to ruin your date night. Solve that fashion conundrum with some stylish rain boots with some trendy tall socks poking out the top. Pair with a light casual dress (like the patterned shift dress I found for under $5), and get ready to duck under your date’s umbrella.

No matter your occasion on the rainy days to come, you can never go wrong donning inexpensive Goodwill apparel and an umbrella that matches your styled look.

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