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As the weather warms and flowers bloom, thoughts turn to exchanging the drabness and darkness of winter for the bright freshness of spring. Whether you plan to rejuvenate your home or refresh your wardrobe, include Goodwill in your spring plans!

Super Saturday is a convenient way for individuals and families to take advantage of free tax services with no appointment so they can keep more of their hard-earned money.

You’ll get a cleaner, more spacious home, a tax receipt for your donations and a sense of accomplishment in helping yourself and neighbors in your community.

Goodwill needs your donations to change lives through education, training and employment.

Shop Goodwill for value, bargains and the thrill of the find. From name brand merchandise to one-of-a-kind treasures, you’ll find just what you are shopping for at your local Goodwill store. And not only are you finding good deals when you shop at Goodwill, you are also supporting our mission of changing lives through education, training and employment.

Do you have trouble keeping your closet organized? I know I do! Having to keep up with the condition of your clothes and whether they still fit or not can be a daunting task. Let’s face it, cleaning your closet is overwhelming! That’s why I have implemented a new plan of action...

Is your 2017 starting off right? Get organized by collecting the items you no longer need and donate them at your nearest Goodwill. In doing so, you will help Goodwill change Arkansans' lives through education, training and employment.

I’ve never had the most green of thumbs, but I’ve always loved the idea of having an apartment filled with beautiful plants. I have now seen Wall-E a million and one times, so I was of course inspired to think outside the box as far as the planters used to hold my little green growers. I'm moving into a new apartment in only a week, so I'm trying to knock out as many DIYs as I can in only a few days. Goodwill has a lot of great options, so I set out to get as creative as I could with things I could find at any Goodwill store in Arkansas.

As a self-proclaimed nerd, of course I always get excited about the first day of school. Back to school season has always been an exciting time for me: picking out brand new school supplies, looking for new back to school outfits, and finding that perfect backpack that says, “I’m one grade older.”

With age I’ve learned a few things. One, no one cares if your pack of crayons has a sharpener anymore (college kids really don’t understand what fun is). Two, there’s always going to people who won’t like you for no reason (shake it off and kill them with kindness). And three, it may not be realistic to buy everything new each year. But that doesn’t mean an older backpack can’t look new again with a little sprucing up.

I haven’t had to wear a school uniform since 4th grade, but I still remember the sickening feeling of being told by my parents that at my new school I had set clothes I was required to wear. As soon in life as I had the ability to communicate, I had been picking out my own clothes. At ten, the worst thing in the world was not being able to wear my purple-and-pink tights nor any article of clothing with sequins.

The whole point of a uniform is to create uniformity and make no one student stand out. Every uniform consists of a few basic pieces: navy skirt, white shirt, navy blazer, cardigan, plaid skirt, sweater, etc. But just because the basic look of a uniform is the same for all students doesn’t mean you have to look exactly the same. If your dress code allows, you can add a few key accessories to jazz up your look.

This is the stage of the summer when I realize all the clothes and random things I’ve purchased won’t fit in my college closet. I start questioning every purchase I’ve made before I realize what I must do. I know I need to get rid of something, but what? If you’re in a similar pickle, we can work together to try to get rid of some of the unnecessary things. Bring the clothes you don’t wear to any Goodwill location in Arkansas, and your unnecessary clothes will help Arkansans get very necessary jobs.

Have you ever gone shopping at a Goodwill (or any other store for that matter), fell in love with something you found then realized there was something very tiny wrong with it? Well you don’t have to give up on love at first sight. We all know the best love stories require a little bit of work, so today I’m sharing with you guys twenty life hacks for your fashion pieces. Now you can shop at any Goodwill in Arkansas and just focus on finding the most beautiful clothes in the room.

How can something that was first worn fifty years ago be new? The secret is in the styling. Goodwill stores in Arkansas always have a mix of old and new clothes, so the trick is to find a way to make vintage pieces flow seamlessly into a contemporary wardrobe.

I first started thrifting in high school when I had a job working at a higher-end thrift store. We sold a lot of trendy pieces, and I watched as my entire wardrobe shifted to being clothes that were previously owned by another. I would bring my old clothes in and buy thrifted goods after work. I later started shopping at Goodwill because of its cause: I could feed my shopaholic addiction and feel good about what I was doing. But this isn’t the story of my addiction to high-waisted jean shorts and Keds in every color. Today I’ve narrowed my list down to five essential categories of clothes to hunt for when you’re thrifting.

The average cost of a wedding is $26,645. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on your special day (or on the day of your loved one). Weddings should be all about celebrating love, but the next wedding you plan or attend can also be all about celebrating great deals. Head over to your nearest Arkansas Goodwill, and get ready to say “I do” to some inexpensive fashion finds and DIYs (please excuse the cheesiness—but that’s kind of what weddings bring out in me!). Creativity is the best way to save money when planning for a wedding, so get ready to think outside the Tiffany’s box.

I can’t express enough how much I love doing DIYs. My first fashion DIY was in the seventh grade when I glued a scrabble tile “K” to an otherwise plain ring. A week later a few of my classmates had followed suit, and it was there and then that I decided fashion crafts were the best crafts. Now I have graduated to actually being able to sew, but that doesn’t mean I always pull out my needle and thread. Sometimes the best DIYs come from the least work, so today I’m giving you all 10 no sew re-purposing ideas of clothes that you can find at your nearest Goodwill in Arkansas.

Every day I wear three outfits: one for work, one for working out, and one for working it (which usually just consists of a tank and shorts for walking my dog). I love fashion, but having all these outfits often means doing a lot of laundry and more importantly, spending a lot of money. Luckily, by shopping at one of the many Goodwills in Arkansas, I know I can find all of the items I need to put together the perfect work-appropriate outfit.

Summer doesn’t just mean pool time and cranked up AC anymore. In the past few years, the event that previously was exclusive to eccentric music lovers has become a trend everyone is hopping on. Music festivals have become their own culture, style, and social media trend. You’ve probably seen someone posting a picture of themselves dancing in a crowd or donning outfits with more accessories than actual fabric clothing. While music festivals used to be all about the music, these summer soirees have transformed from a part of the hippie lifestyle to an integral part of a twenty-something’s summer.

By the time you all are reading this I will have left my Arkansas desk, and I will already be in Europe. After meticulously packing my suitcase full of outfits in my typical neutral palette, I am ready to pretend I’m not a tourist. Unfortunately, any Goodwill Glitz-er knows that looking cute can easily lead to over-packing. However, to avoid packing too much on your own two-week vacation, I’ve got some helpful life hacks for your next big trip.

It’s almost our country’s birthday, and we wouldn’t be American if we didn’t celebrate with barbeque and big parties. But because I’m a vegetarian and won’t even be in the United States this Independence Day, I need to celebrate the only way I know how: with fashion. Even those who take the pinches for St. Patty’s Day still seem to don red, white, and blue when this holiday rolls along. So, to ensure that you have an adorably patriotic outfit for the upcoming holiday, I’ve come up with some outfit ideas that you can pick up at your Arkansas Goodwill.

For all of you ladies reading Goodwill Glitz, this post is for you. Please don’t hate me for revealing our secret, but I am sure at some point we have all stolen some comfy item out of our boyfriend or dad’s closet. I know my favorite sweatshirt to throw on was previously my dad’s, and I am constantly asking my boyfriend to borrow a t-shirt just to be comfy after a date night out. But why do we steal these oversized items from the men in our lives? Because for whatever reason, manufacturers opt to make men’s clothes better lined and softer than women’s clothes (maybe because people like me are willing to put up with the uncomfortability for the sake of fashion).

For this Fashion Friday, I have some bad news for you: you don’t need most of the things in your closet. If you’re anything like me, you’re in total denial about your clothes-hoarding problem. You probably have a plethora of scarves you never use and shirts that just slide to the back of your closet. Unfortunately, you wake up every morning and you end up staring at the inside of your closet every morning, trying to pick out an outfit for the day. Everyone tells you how ridiculous the complaint “I have nothing to wear” is when it comes out of your mouth. But try as you might, you can’t find a use for that embroidered tank you bought at a boutique three years ago.

Yesterday marked the first official day of summer, but let’s be real—it’s felt like summer as the past few weeks have left us showered by the humidity after a quick walk to our cars. Arkansas summer weather can be easily divided into two categories: rainy gloom and unbearably hot sunshine. Summer clothing trends lend themselves well to the scorching heat, but finding the perfect rainy day outfit is a more difficult feat.

Happy Fashion Friday! With the weather here in Arkansas reaching the high 90’s, it looks like this weekend is going to be perfect for some indoor thrifting. If you’re new to thrift shopping, don’t fret—I’ve got 15 tips that will have you looking like a thrifting expert by Sunday.

BEFORE your thrifting trip there are a few things you need to know. I mean, you wouldn’t prepare for a marathon without training for it. To be the best shopper you can be, you have to have your mind empty of distractions and your truck full of reusable bags.

With Father’s day just a few days away, those of you who are gift procrastinators are rushing to pick up the perfect thing for the man who gave you everything. But even though you’re putting the gift together last minute, you surely want him to think you’ve been planning this surprise for months. It’s time to start a last-minute DIY project that's easy to make but meaningful. Head to one of the many Goodwill locations in Arkansas and get started.

The other day I was driving on my normal route home from work in when Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” came on my car radio. The 2012 hit made it clear, profanities excluded here: by shopping Goodwill Macklemore is “saving [his] money,” while those who pay “fifty dollars for a t-shirt” are “getting tricked by business.” Undeniably, Goodwill helps the world and helps your wardrobe. But lest I get into a full breakdown of his lyrics, I’m going to instead share with you guys the reasons to shop at Goodwill that Macklemore fails to mention (I mean, the song is only four minutes!).

As much as I’d love to pretend summer lasts forever (gotta love the Arkansas heat), unfortunately in a few months I’ll have to replace my summer sandals and light novels with sensible shoes and heavy textbooks. With the end of summer comes the beginning of my big move into my first apartment. And while I’m excited to have a place of my own, I know I can’t afford all the new things Pinterest has convinced me I need.

I am a girly, city-girl from California who recently moved to Arkansas, so it’s not unsurprising that I have not done a lot of camping. However, on a college budget, if I want to take a trip with a group of friends, I probably can’t afford to stay in a fancy hotel. But that doesn’t mean I have to just sweat it out in a boring tent, while I’m covered in mosquito bites, eating charred hot dogs. Thankfully, a new generation of campers have introduced the world of “glamping.” And for those of you who, like me, love cute DIYs and an excuse to shop, a glamping trip may be the perfect summer weekend away.

#20DollarChallenge: Accepted, and With Great Style

I’m not too proud to tell you: I live cheap.

Until I started working with Goodwill, I bought all my clothes online at a discount retailer with no chance of refund or exchange. I thought I had this budget thing figured out. Oh, I was so wrong.

My coworkers and I were talking about buying clothes for the summer, finding work attire that is both professional and utilitarian, and outfitting an infant and a toddler who outgrow their clothes within months. We challenged each other to shop Goodwill for $20 or less and come back with an outfit (or outfits) we could wear in all kinds of situations. The #20DollarChallenge was born, and here’s how we did:

I bought this beauty – shoes, jeans, top, jacket AND purse for $20. No kidding! The shoes were $6, pants were $4, top was $3.50, jacket was $4, and the purse was $2 – and I have 50 cents leftover.

The bracelets? Those also came from Goodwill, but it was a coworker who gave them to me. Accessories: free.

The jacket and purse weren’t perfect. I glued one of the black buttons on the jacket to the pocket (it’s only decorative so why sew?), and the purse had black smudges on the outside. I threw all of it in the washer when I got home, and all of it came out pristine. I hit the jeans and jacket with a hot iron, and this is what I got.

The shoes? Black leather Antonio Melani mules that had been worn maybe twice before I got them. I paid $6; the original department store price was $98.

Here’s what my coworkers got:

Heather Haywood, who is accredited in public relations and our vice president of corporate communications, got a designer white, button-down shirt and a red, cotton, A-line skirt from Christopher & Banks. She spent a whopping $7.50 on her outfit ($3.50 for the top and $4 for the skirt). The fab necklace is Heather’s, but this just goes to show how you can put what you already have in your wardrobe or jewelry box with what you find at Goodwill.

Rebecca Brockman at Goodwill - otherwise known as Bex or RB - the mom to a gregarious 3-year-old and the sweetest 3-month-old you’d ever want to see. Oh! So cute.

Bex got a dress, which was originally from Cato’s, for $4, and a blazer originally from Worthington for $6. She paired them with her own necklace and shoes, and she can wear the dress not only to work, but also to a summer party or church on Sunday. Maximizing how you wear what’s in your wardrobe for work, home or out on the town is a great way to stretch your clothing budget even further.

We had so much fun that we want you to do it too. Take the #20DollarChallenge for yourself and show us what you got on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Include the hashtag #20DollarChallenge, and we’ll post your pics here and repost to social media to inspire others and show just how creative you are.

Then, check back here each week as we expand the challenge to include tableware, home décor, camping and RV equipment – anything we can think of to outfit for $20 or less.

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