When you donate to Goodwill Industries of Arkansas, it is a win-win for you, Arkansans and the environment. You give your gently used items a second life and get a tax receipt. Your friends and neighbors can buy gently used clothing and household items, computers, laptops and monitors at reasonable prices at our more than 40 locations across the state. If your donations are not resalable, they are recycled responsibly. The sale of your donations supports Goodwill’s mission of changing lives through education, training and employment and keeps items out of the waste stream.

In the last fiscal year, Goodwill diverted more than 25,410,000 pounds of recycled materials, e-waste, clothing and household goods from landfills. Your Goodwill donations fund programs that help people with barriers to employment find good jobs. By providing training and educational opportunities, we prepare the people we serve to enter the competitive workforce.  For additional information about donating to Goodwill, visit GoodwillAR.org or call Goodwill Industries of Arkansas at 1-877-372-5151.  Ninety-six percent of the revenue for our mission’s programs comes from the sale of your donated goods that fund programs like these:

Goodwill provides solutions that meet the needs of Arkansans

THE NEED:  183,573 Arkansans with a disability are unemployed —that is, 69.5% of people with disabilities in Arkansas are unemployed, according to the US Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

  • Disability Programs
    Disability Programs

    At Goodwill, staff members work one-on-one with individuals with disabilities to determine interests, skills, abilities, and to overcome any barriers to successful employment. Based on the individual’s unique abilities, the staff members work with each to define an employment plan that details the activities, goals, training, and support that will make them successful in the workforce.

  • Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP)
    Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP)

    Goodwill loans wheelchairs, commodes, walkers and crutches free to those in need. Come to any Goodwill location to fill out a HELP request form, if the requested item is in stock, the recipient may take it with them, and donate it back when they no longer need it.

THE NEED: 25,844 Arkansans are incarcerated in correctional institutions, and half return to prison after release. Prevalence of prisoners with disabilities is 31.6%.

  • Transitional Employment Opportunity (TEO) Program
    Transitional Employment Opportunity (TEO) Program

    Goodwill’s TEO program offers job readiness training and job placement services for returning citizens to help them find work, launch careers and rebuild lives. Through the TEO program, Goodwill offers an environment that supports those who want to reintegrate into the community and make positive contributions. Goodwill’s recidivism rate is impressive--less than 10%.

  • Reentry Beyond Disabilities
    Reentry Beyond Disabilities

    Goodwill provides an intense, week long program for people who have both a criminal background and a disability. Days 1-4 are dedicated to intensive career education including assessments, career exploration and soft skills training. Day 5 is spent in onsite interviews with employers.

THE NEED: In Arkansas, one in 65 children has an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Horizons

    The Horizons program was created as Goodwill realized a community need to serve young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This job training program allows individuals to identify their strengths, learn new skills, and prepare to find a productive niche in the workforce in their communities. Goodwill carves out occupational pathways, empowers individuals, and gives young adults and their families the opportunity to enjoy full and productive lives.

THE NEED: Approximately 300,000 adult Arkansans do not have a high school diploma and, as a result earn up to $9,000 less annually than adults with a high school diploma. 

  • The Excel Center
    The Excel Center

    The Excel Center at Goodwill is an adult charter high school that will provide students over the age of 19 a second chance to earn a HS diploma. The school is tuition-free, with flexible and accelerated class schedules to meet the needs of working and busy adults. The school offers concurrent enrollment with Pulaski Tech and students will earn industry recognized credentials.

THE NEED: Office administrative services is Arkansas’s eighth fastest growing industry, with nearly 4,000 job openings. In 2017 there are nearly 24,000 job openings for forklift operators and over 18,000 positions for environmental services technicians.

  • The Academy
    The Academy

    Goodwill is licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education as a trade school. We offer administrative assistant training, forklift certification, customer service, CRC, environmental services technician and digital literacy training.

THE NEED: 71% of the kids in the Little Rock School District are living below the poverty line. There is one book for every 300 kids in poverty. Seven of ten Central Arkansas fourth graders read below grade level.  Sixty-five percent of these students will drop out, rely on welfare, or land in prison.

  • Books 4 Kids™
    Books 4 Kids™

    Goodwill launched Books 4 Kids in 2016, which is designed to get books into the homes and hands of Arkansas children and teens who do not have access to them. Through the generosity of Arkansans, Goodwill has the supply of donated children’s books, which is distributed to students who need them through our partnerships with local schools.

  • Bright Futures
    Bright Futures

    Bright Futures creates a framework of support and communication that allows communities and schools to identify student needs and match those needs with existing resources in the community - often within 24 hours.

THE NEED: A 4% unemployment rate has employers searching for qualified and prepared candidates.

  • Career Services
    Career Services

    Goodwill has 22 career centers across Arkansas to help individuals prepare for and find a great job. Goodwill works with employers to match employer needs with suitable candidates. Career Specialists around the state assist job seekers through classroom training, mentoring, building resumes, mock interviews, job search, and hiring events to help individuals find a job that matches their skill set.

THE NEED: SNAP recipients who are unemployed adults without children must seek job training or employment to retain benefits. 

  • SNAP Employment & Training Program
    SNAP Employment & Training Program

    Goodwill assists the Arkansas Department of Human Services by contacting recipients to offer them help meeting new SNAP E&T program requirements through the training programs and employment services we provide in our career centers across the state.

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