Goodwill now offers two options for donating items:

1. Donation drop off sites located throughout the state

Drop off your items at one of our convenient donation locationswhich is free of charge. Find a donation center near you.

2. Priority 48-Hour Fee-Based Pick-Up Service with College Hunks Hauling


Pickup Donation in Arkansas

Partnering with College Hunks Hauling, Goodwill now offers 48-hour home pickup priority service for the convenience of our donors. The priority service does charge a fee but includes additional benefits such as:

• Goodwill donors will receive a discount off the regular pricing of College Hunks Hauling.

• Removal of items from anywhere inside the property (including upstairs, basement, anywhere)

• College Hunks service will accept items that may be difficult for donors to transport including furnishings, mattresses, box springs and sleeper sofa

• Removal of any items including those that Goodwill cannot accept (College Hunks will dispose of any items Goodwill cannot accept)

• Guaranteed pickup with 48 hours

• College Hunks will come out and give you a no-obligation quote for hauling

YOUR DONATION IS STILL TAX DEDUCTIBLE when using the new 48-hour priority service option. Goodwill will mail you a donation receipt with a listing of the items donated.

Priority Pick Up Booking:

Residents will receive a discount when making a donation to Goodwill and can schedule their no-obligation priority service hauling and donation estimates via the following methods:

Online: Fill out online form at College Hunks Hauling website.

Phone: Call 800-586-5872

When you call or fill out the online form, just mention that you want to make a donation to Goodwill to ensure you receive the special discounted pricing and a donation receipt.