computer recycling in arkansas

Where to Recycle e-Waste in Arkansas

Did you know...

  • Electronic waste is the world's fastest growing waste problem.
  • More than 220 million tons of computer and other e-waste ends up in landfills each year
  • Computers and related equipment can contain hazardous materials unwanted in our landfills.

Free e-Waste Recyling – Don’t Dump…Donate to Goodwill!

Electronics contain environmentally sensitive materials that are harmful to the environment. These devices can be responsibly recycled, but only if we work together to keep them out of landfills in the first place.

Goodwill’s e-Waste program provides an environmentally responsible solution for electronics recycling by offering Arkansans a FREE and CONVENIENT way to do the right thing with your unwanted e-waste.

Bring your unwanted technology, any brand, any condition, to one of our Goodwill. computer recycling centers in Arkansas. With the DELL RECONNECT partnership, we’ll refurbish or recycle the computer equipment, benefiting our community by putting people to work.

We collect and recycle the following electronics - any brand, any condition:

• Laptops, CPUs, Netbooks, iPads
• iPods, Zune, MP3 Players
• Computer Parts (including cords)
• Monitors
• Gaming System Consoles (PS, xBox, etc)
• Cell Phones
• CD & DVD Players
• Ink Cartridges
• Printers
• Scanners
• Software (please include license key)
• Digital Cameras & Video Camers
• GPS units
• e-Book Readers
• Televisions sets
• almost anything with a cord!

Bring us any of the above items, working or not, and we will recycle them and keep tons of harmful materials out of our landfills.

Why recycle e-Waste with Goodwill

• Goodwill’s e-Waste recycling program serves as a job-training opportunity for individuals with disabilities or other special needs;

• It’s tax deductible (Goodwill is a 501c(3) non-profit);

• All proceeds recovered from the recycled e-waste go to Goodwill to support job training and employment services programs;

• Goodwill will gladly accept all your electronics, working or not, at one of our store or donation centers; and

• It's FREE!

How to Recycle Your Unwanted Computer or Electronics

Consumers can drop off computer or other electronic equipment at any Goodwill Industries of Arkansas location free of charge. Click here to find a location near you or call 877-372-5151.

There is no charge for dropping off computers or other electronics at Goodwill. Any brand, any condition is accepted. Customers may be able to take a tax deduction for their donation. Goodwill will provide donors with a donation receipt at the time of donation. Customers are encouraged to check with their tax advisers for more information.

Disk Wiping
Goodwill assumes no liability for personal or confidential information left on computers. It is recommended you erase all data before recycling. Customers are responsible for removing data from their hard drives.

Disk wiping is a secure method of ensuring that data on your computer and storage devices is irrecoverably deleted before donating the equipment. There are a variety of products available for different operating systems that you can purchase, or freely download to perform more secure disk wipes. Here are a few resources for your convenience:

  • offers a free, portable Windows application for permanent volume data destruction. With you can erase all disk data and prevent recovery of those data.

  • Offering free disk wiping software that erases selected files and data from your hard disk securely and with no traces left. Make deleted files completely irrecoverable, guaranteed.

Business E-Waste

Is your business in the process of making a new investment into its IT infrastructure? Are you replacing the older, obsolete computers and laptops with new equipment? Wondering what to do with the older equipment? Goodwill will accept the entire workstation for recycling including any cables, keyboards, and even printers free of charge. If you only need a few workstations disposed of, please drop them off at any Goodwill location. If you have a large amount, call us to arrange a pickup at 877-372-5151 or email us at

Donor responsible for erasing all data from hard drive before donating e-Waste to our computer recycling centers.

Goodwill is your partner for a cleaner, greener community.