The Power of Your Donation

Your donation of used goods to Goodwill Industries of Arkansas can make a difference for people in your community, and help make a healthier planet as well. Did you know that one pair of jeans can provide someone in our community with about 10 minutes of resume preparation services? With every 30 items that we receive, a person in our community receives job training and employment support. This could be a person in your community who doesn't have a job and is struggling to support a family. With Goodwill's Donation Impact Calculator, you can see the real world impact your donations have on the people here in our community. Find out just how much your next donation can change lives.

The Launch of the Donate Movement

It might sound surprising, but seven out of 10 consumers admit that sometimes, they choose not to donate and simply discard their items. Not only that, but for every one article of clothing donated, people have at least 30 more articles of clothing that are ready to be donated.

Goodwill launched the Donate Movement to let you know just how powerful your donations are and how exactly they impact the community when you donate to Goodwill.

Make the Commitment - Join the Donate Movement

Goodwill challenges you to join the Donate Movement. Not only will you be able to help those in your community who face challenges in finding employment, but you will also reduce waste in your area's landfills. Make a commitment to de-clutter, make a difference in your community and help create a healthier planet. Donate your gently used clothing and household items to Goodwill a few times this year.

Click here to find a Donation Center near you. We need your help to serve those in our community, so make the commitment. Join the Donate Movement today.