Career Services

Programs for adults with disabilities in Arkansas

Gaining Skills. Building Confidence.

Goodwill Industries of Arkansas is committed to helping people with disabilities find work and succeed on the job. For people with disabilities, sometimes their skills and abilities to contribute aren’t apparent. Their talents need to be nurtured, brought forward, and then focused on the right opportunity. Goodwill’s programs for adults with disabilities help individuals with a wide-range of disabilities including physical, mental, and developmental, achieve the pride, dignity, and self-respect that work provides.

Goodwill's training, education and employment services make it easier for persons with disabilities to enter the workforce. Our job coaches work to reveal an individual’s skills, fine tune them, so they can apply their newfound skills in the real world job market.

From competitive supports employment to short-term, work ready programs, each of our programs are designed to meet the needs of individuals at various stages of life and with diverse occupational goals to help gain the highest levels of personal and econonomic independence.

For More Information

If you are interested in Goodwill's programs for adults with disabilities for you or someone you know, please contact our corporate office at 501-372-5100 to discuss your needs.